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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a visual novel video game about gay dads but walk away with life lessons about fatherhood and relationships.

If your date is more of a man's man, take along a small portable grill and some steaks or fish. Then let him show you how to grill it to perfection. I'm not talking about the emotional roller coaster many relationships become, but an actual roller coaster ride to get it started. Visit a nearby Six Flags or Disney park. You can learn a lot about your date by the type of ride he enjoys. Test his skill level, too, by making him win you one of those big teddy bears. Redefine striking out at the bowling lane or let him talk you in circles around the roller rink.

Even though there are other people around, sharing a lane or skating side by side is a fun way to keep a conversation going. Roller or bowling dates are a great way to determine if your date is easygoing, adventurous, or a prude. Plan an overnight or daytime stay in a remote town or resort community.

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Can't afford to visit Club Med? Book a higher end downtown hotel room and live like a rich and famous couple for the day. Wine and dine in the restaurant, enjoy the pool and the nighttime entertainment. If things go well, plan to stay. If not, walk out the revolving doors like nothing happened. Learn about wine and your dates fruity flavors at a wine tasting event. These events are relaxing and enjoyable. Sit for a while and talk about what you both enjoy in life while tasting some of the world's best wines.

You don't have to live near a vineyard to enjoy a good tasting. Most smaller and big chain bookstores hold book signings quite frequently.

5 First Date Ideas for Gay Men

Visit the bookstore before your date and ask for their calendar. Even if you've never heard of the author, take your date. You don't have to buy a book, but it will give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your date.

Roam the aisles and talk about what genre of books you like or make fun of the crazy book covers. Those cool dark cafes you see in the movies with the poets singing their sultry lyrics actually exist. Ask your local coffee shop about their events and the artists.

They may feature a poet, a band or a poet with a band on any given night. Grab a cup of joe for you and your date, take in some poetry or an indie band and comment on how cool you both feel.

Gay dating: The best ideas for gay dates

You and your date can live out your Brokeback fantasies. Here are a few of our favorite wines.

2. Museum or gallery opening.

Get local. Take your hubby or boyfriend by the hand and show him your best flip, lutz and axel.

16 “Cute” Date Ideas — (For First, Cheap, Double & At Home)

Plus it makes for a great way to insist on a free massage for him after. You spot him. He spots you. Put in an intense workout, then maybe get another intense workout later that night.

Why not show each other. Check out this video. Yoga makes intense bed workouts more fun. Grab your besties and do a couples date with games.

Get out in your own city. Share the most off the wall on Instagram and Facebook. When you do, tag us here! Throw on some good music, open a bottle of wine or six pack and get to coloring. Here are a few books we love. Sit in a bubble bath together, complete with exfoliating body scrubs followed by facials , foot massages and nail treatments.

This, too, is better with reasonably priced wine. Just like above, but this one is just for the two or 3 of you, no other couples allowed.

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With this one, you can even get a little naughty with sexy dice or cards. In many cities there are dance classes, from pop to classical to swing. Get out there, learn a bit, then impress the hell out of your friends at the next wedding or party. The key to saving some cash on this one is to only have one drink or even split one at each bar and try to strike up a coversation with at least one new person.

10 KICKASS Date Ideas Guaranteed To IMPRESS! Ten Awesome Date Ideas

It gets you social and helps save a few bucks. Remeber to use Uber or Lyft if you plan on drinking. This is a great way to have some conversation. This one is could end up being a great picture for your place. Show some love to your local queens. They werq hard. Try something new! We need love LOVE on social media. You can even grab your laptop or tablet and watch some videos together. Maybe a new pair of underwear or two might make it all the more fun.

Use words, pictures or even videos. Then when you do see each other.

1. Picnic.

Bakers kneed it more. Get the urge on. Go to your local sex shop. Sometimes just being in one gets us all ready. You may not need to even buy anything.