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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a visual novel video game about gay dads but walk away with life lessons about fatherhood and relationships.

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Once I had sex with all the bears I knew, it was hard to meet more. Gay men can be more elusive than you think! A friend turned me on to ManPlay and I haven't needed anything else since. I can find exactly what I want on here, which also means I'm finding lots of guys who want me back.

The Rise of The Bears: Bear Culture

My sex life is much improved! I never thought of myself as a bear lover until bears started loving me. Now I can't get enough of them! Big, burly dudes who are powerful, sweet, and cuddly all at the same time - it's a combination that can't be beat. And as for finding bears online, ManPlay has out performed every other site I joined. If you're going to join any site, THIS is the one you want to be on.

ManPlay is good to find men on the internet. I am an old fashioned type guy and don't know much about computers and stuff but manplay turned out to be really easy to use once I figured it out.


I use Manplay to find other bears and cubs and really anyone who is interested and then meet in person for sex. It makes everything much easier.

The Bear Social Network

Very happy with Manplay's services. Hi there, men of ManPlay!

If you're here to find a guy like me, well Sure, I have preferences when it comes to men I sleep with, but I'm pretty accepting of almost anyone and like to hear from guys who find me attractive. If my photo made you do a double take in a good way then shoot me a message. Let's chat! I've been called a bear in training by the bears in my life.

Apparently I'm too bear-like to be a cub, but I'm not big enough to be a bear yet.

I don't know the rules. All I know is that I like men and I like sex and if you are a man that wants to have sex with me whatever I may be , then I'd like to hear from you: Do you think you can handle me? Many others have called out to me, only to run away with their tail between their legs. I need a man who can take me - every last throbbing inch - and cry out in pleasure.

That's the kind of sex I'm dreaming of finding here. And don't worry - I can take what I dish out, so there once I've had my turn, you're next! Where are all the little cubs at these days? Seems I can never find a sexy little cub out in the streets that isn't straight. I knew I had to get on to the online scene so here I am! I'm hoping to be able to find cubs a plenty on here.

Please message me if you're looking for a bear and we can talk and see if we have a connection. It is true that we have the highest number of bear members of any gay dating site! But what is it about ManPlay that bears love so much?? Bears are dominant figures in the gay community, and as such they want to be in control of their sex life and the partners they choose.

No other gay dating site online has as many search functions as ManPlay does, and with so many options, bears are able to find their perfect man, locally, and quickly. Whether they want a year-old cub that is 5'11, or a pound cub between the ages of 18 and 30, or a cub of a certain ethnicity, they can search for it specifically and find members matching the description close by. Maybe they're not even looking for a cub!

The Gayest And Grizzliest Bears Online |

Maybe they have a whole different interest. They can find that too! Bears love that level of control, and that's why they choose, and stay, on ManPlay. But it works both ways, too! Our advanced search function allows you to search for all the bears in your area to find the best, sexiest match. Find a year-old papa bear, or a strong, tall barely-old-enough-to-be-a-bear bear.

Who Are You Looking To Meet?

Whatever you're looking for you can search and find it on ManPlay. A lot of bears are big sweethearts at the end of the day, and are very interested in receiving messages from admirers. So, what have you got to lose? Find the guy that strikes your fancy, send him a message, and take it from there!

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There are millions of members worldwide on ManPlay, so you'll never run out of men to connect with. No, sir! We built our site to be the best gay hookup site online and we are proud to upkeep that accomplishment. Our built-in features offer our members great, personalized matches, easy and fast member searches, a variety of message boards and sex chat rooms, and amazing customer support. We have millions of members all over the world, and we're sure we can find the perfect man, or men, for you.